BABELFISH – Top Headlines – Mar 31, 2008

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Advertising is dead. So why am I excited? (Renny Gleeson- Wieden + Kennedy)

The Future of Marketing + Advertising by Paul Isakson

How do we predict the next day? What trends will stick? Which technologies should we back??

Philippe Starck says design is dead and his work ‘unnecessary’

Gestures are taking control (replacing the remote)

Google’s Schmidt on the web’s future

Want Results? Cut the Complexity!

The Long Tail Batters Borders

Can CRM Handle Web 2.0
E-Commerce Times

Microsoft Prepares ‘Albany‘ to Compete with Google hosted productivity suites such as Google Docs and Google Apps
PC World

My Starbucks Idea: Venti, Non-Fat, Iced Frappacino Storm (is it as good as Dellideastorm?)

If you have a few more spare minutes, a more extensive list of headlines is available – click here: BABELFISH Full latest headlines

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