BABELFISH – Top Headlines – June 9, 2008

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The Next Generation: These five up-and-coming interactive agencies are looking at the Web in a different light

Eisner in No Hurry to Create Branded Content

Why CMOs Can’t Keep Their Jobs


Google earth Sightseer Newsletter

Seven Buzz Monitoring Sites To Watch


New MRM Chief Creative Reveals Plans For Agency

Honey, I think You NEED An iPhone: experimenting with interfaces and imagining what mobile interactivity can be someday

Why Web Sites And Online Marketing Suck (Joe Mandese)

Why Traditional Advertising Formats Fail On The Web
Publishing 2.0

Why most viral marketing amounts to lazy, clueless chatter (Joseph Jaffe)

The Obama Connection: Barack Obama’s grasp of the central place of Internet-driven social networking that has propelled his campaign
NY Times

Design anthropology: What can it add to your design practice?

The Online Industry Answers its Accusers: dodgy metrics, disastrous media investments, and empty promises of better, firmer standards

How Can E-commerce be Made More Successful — Make it more Sensual, Study Says
Physics Org

The Future of the Internet, according to Trendsetters

If you have a few more spare minutes, a more extensive list of headlines is available – click here: BABELFISH Full latest headlines


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